The rise of conservatives canceling the Cleopatra documentary is shedding light on other Netflix and woke productions. There have been many criticisms towards Netflix’s Queen Charlotte who was a Queen and a White woman. Furthermore, another production selected a Black actress to play Anne Boleyn. 

According to the National Geographic, there are claims that Queen Charlotte was Great Britain’s first Black or biracial queen. The question of whether Charlotte’s ancestral connection to Portuguese nobility signifies her having brown skin is sparking debates among historians. 

Advocates of her Black heritage point to portraits displaying what they interpret as “African” features. Furthermore, there are some arguing that contemporary depictions depicting the queen with fair skin were likely concealing her ancestry to align with the Eurocentric beauty standards prevalent during that time. 

However, skeptics maintain that Charlotte’s distant lineage would not have significantly influencing her physical appearance. 

Twitter users are mostly unhappy with Blackwashing White historical figures 


There are several woke individuals flooding to the post stating that this is actually artistic license. However, conservatives are stating that if a White actor is playing a Black historical figure, this would cause significant problems. Reimagining someone who was actually alive as someone of a completely different race triggers the conservative community. 


Following that, some are stating that they are actually fine with the casting of different races for a certain role of a historical figure. However, it should be noted that it is a work of fiction rather than trying to alter reality. Conservatives are still disagreeing with this sentiment stating that if the reverse is happening, there would be riots.


A Black conservative states that he also dislikes the historical inaccuracies when casting a person of another race. Furthermore, he states that an accurate cast would definitely make the film better. Others state that this is undermining the message of actual prominent Black people that were indeed suppressed in the past. Rather than Blackwashing historical White figures, woke Hollywood can actually make movies from real Black heroes. 

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