Business & EconomyJada Pinkett Smith claims her Cleopatra documentary FAILED due to WHITE SUPREMACISM 

Jada Pinkett Smith claims her Cleopatra documentary FAILED due to WHITE SUPREMACISM 

The infamous Jada Pinkett Smith recently state that her flop of a documentary, Cleopatra, is failing due to White Supremacism. However, the internet is vehemently disagreeing with her as Egyptians claim she is Blackwashing Egyptian culture. Furthermore, her sour relationship with Will Smith is also another reason why many dislike her. 

An article from The People’s Voice states, in an attempt to promote Jada Smith’s own “woke” agenda, she puts pressure on the show’s producers to change Cleopatra’s race to align with her own. However, the show has a number of errors, such as incorrect costumes, inaccurate timelines of battles like Actium, and misplacement of Cleopatra at events she did not attend.

There is also confusion between actions attributed to Antony and Octavian, have made it virtually unwatchable. Statements that no experts, or even individuals with basic knowledge of the historical context, are working on the production. 

Jada Pinkett Smith blames White Supremacist on her historically inaccurate documentary’s flop 

One user states that it is logical that Egyptians are White supremacists despite them not even being White. Furthermore, the user adds that this is what she gets for erasing an entire race of people just because her grandmother told her Cleopatra was Black. 

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More users state that the whole world is not caring for her documentary due to the fact that everyone knows that Cleopatra was not Black. Following that, Twitter users state that the exact same reaction will be done if a documentary places Dr Martin Luther King Jr as a White man. 


There are some internet users that are fed up with the woke community blaming their failures on racism. Furthermore, another Twitter user jokes that she injured herself, and blamed it on racism. There are plenty of credible Black directors and actors that are successful, this is especially due to their talents. 

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