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The appeal for Trump’s innocence is rejected and now the voters are in anticipation of the verdict to come. He is one of the candidates bidding to become the next President of the United States. Furthermore, things are now complicated as polls show that he is leading against Biden and other contenders.

Newsweek states, on his way to court, Trump criticised Judge Arthur Engoron and AG Letitia James on social media regarding his New York civil fraud case. The $250 million lawsuit involves allegations that Trump and The Trump Organization misled institutions to obtain favourable loans and insurance terms. 

Following that, Engoron’s prior ruling accused Trump of inflating property values. Trump, labelling the trial a “witch hunt,” used his Truth Social platform to disparage Engoron and James, claiming the case was prejudiced. His attendance as a spectator coincided with expert testimony. Despite this, Trump defended his expert, Eli Bartov, while critics questioned Bartov’s accounting expertise. 

However, Trump accused Engoron of bias despite prior legal challenges over gag orders issued by the judge. Regardless, the case continues amid ongoing legal battles and courtroom drama.

According to PBS, Bader expressed concerns about fair treatment in the case charging Trump with election manipulation post-2020. Trump faces four criminal trials; one trial is set to proceed, pending the outcome of an immunity appeal. Charges range from document hoarding in Florida to election meddling in Georgia and hush money in New York.

X users react to Trump’s appeal being rejected 

In addition to this, several users who are not his supporters state that he “needs to be in jail already.” This is a popular sentiment for those who are Biden supporters. However, they are not the main voice for Americans. There are a number of arguments regarding this matter on X. 

Some state that if he does win the next election, the same may happen to the Democrat leaders. Following that, Biden supporters state that America needs to vote Blue in order for this to not happen. Others state that this is happening to him, and if they succeed in jailing him, it means that he would not be the President. 

This will only settle only after the verdict has reached. As for now, Trump’s future as the next President is still uncertain, but those opposing him hopes that he is found guilty, while his supporters hope otherwise. 

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