Dual Uterus Gen-Z

The rise of Gen-Zs being demanding is a topic of its own. For the most part, conventional news outlets state that the generation is actually more conservative financially than the other generations of the past. For this case, it might appear that this sentiment is rather true as this generation is more concerned about financial stability. 

The New York Post states, London-based influencer Jenny Darling, aged 23, has stirred controversy by setting a hefty price tag for motherhood, demanding a yearly compensation of $315,000 along with several conditions before she would consider having a child. The influencer, known for her candidness, believes her body is not meant for suffering and won’t endure the physical toll of childbirth for free.

She emphasises her terms, insisting on financial security, therapy, a personal trainer, a push present, and a mommy makeover, including cosmetic procedures, all before contemplating starting a family. She stands firm, stating that children are expensive, and she wouldn’t want to bring a child into a world where they might suffer.

This stance reflects a growing trend, exemplified by the DINK (Double Income, No Kids) lifestyle. A recent viral video by finance content creator John Eringman, 28, touting the advantages of a life without children, sparked a broader conversation about parenthood. Elon Musk, father of 11, even chimed in, expressing his disagreement with this perspective.

Currently, to raise a child would cost you an eye watering amount of $288,094. This would amount to the amount of $16,000 per year. These numbers may vary depending on the lifestyle choices the parents make and it might be lesser if the parents have more than one child. 

Gen-Z woman will have baby if her spouse pays her $315,000 

X users are not happy with this idea, stating that Gen-Zs are entitled and spoiled. These commenters state that the woman should make her own money and enjoy the fruits of her labour. Furthermore, they claim that she shouldn’t wait around for a man to pay her an absurd amount of money to have a child. 

Others were sharing some mean comments regarding the woman. They state that she would end up with a guy who owns just a Subaru. For the most part, love is what blinds us all. However, it is entirely up to the woman to decide what she wants to do with her life. 

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