Business & EconomyDisney LOST 4 MILLION subscribers for being “too WOKE,” conservatives are RETALIATING...

Disney LOST 4 MILLION subscribers for being “too WOKE,” conservatives are RETALIATING with their MONEY 

The slogan “Go Woke Go Broke” is gaining more and more prominence. It appears that the world is tired of listening to the woke ideology. Disney is reported to have lost over 4 million subscribers. Furthermore, this is after the animation company is pushing their woke ideology to children. It appears that the conservatives are fighting this with their purchasing power. 

According to the Guardian, as the initial surge in streaming popularity during the pandemic wanes and the cost of living crisis takes hold, major streaming services are witnessing a decline in their customer base. A research firm reveals that British households are discontinuing nearly 170,000 streaming subscriptions in a “subscription cull” following the Christmas period.

However, amidst this trend, Disney’s streaming business showcased improved financial performance. The company managed to decrease its operating losses from $1.1 billion to $659 million (£523 million) through price adjustments and reduced marketing expenses.

Disney’s theme parks are experiencing a more positive outcome, with increased visitor numbers in Shanghai, Paris, and Hong Kong contributing to a 23% year-on-year rise in operating income for the division, reaching $2.2 billion. 

Twitter users react to Disney losing money for being too woke 

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Twitter users are stating that the new Proud family should be in the nomination to be the worst adaptation of an old cartoon to a new one. Users claim that Disney has the opportunity to make a show that is actually good, but unfortunately, they are failing to do so. 

There are those showing support for the writers of the Proud family. They state that the writers are mostly Black/Brown people and would show the struggles they go through daily. However, other users are upset at the show portraying White people in a negative light.

Following that, there are woke people saying that Disney will not feel the 3% decline in revenue. Furthermore, stockholders and shareholders will not be happy at any signs of declining revenues. 

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Another woke user states that the company is declining in revenue due to the Cricket season ending in India. Most of the users leaving the platform are mostly in the Asian region. However, conservatives point out that the other reason they are leaving is most likely due to these woke shows. Following that, the user adds that the woke ideology may be offensive to a lot of Asian cultures. 

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