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There are several claims made about the upcoming 2024 elections by both the liberals and conservatives. On one hand, the liberals are trying their level hardest to have Trump arrested, and the conservatives are saying that illegals are allowed to vote in woke states. Elon Musk apparently claims that Arizona states that no proof of citizenship is required to vote. 

According to AZCentral, Elon Musk’s tweet hints at voter irregularities in Arizona, prompting MAGA uproar, alleging Democrats’ immigrant-driven voter inflow. Kari Lake joins, condemning voter registration maneuvers. A photo implicates Secretary of State Adrian Fontes in alleged tactics.

Following that, clarifying Musk’s misconception, federal elections don’t mandate citizenship proof. But Arizona, unique, demands it for state ballots. County Recorder Stephen Richer sets the record straight: Arizona’s the sole state requiring proof. Yet Musk’s outreach eclipses this truth, fueling skepticism.

Despite evidence revealing a minuscule impact on elections, Musk’s musings persist. Followers echo, fearing a phantom voter invasion. As reality debunks misinformation, the truth struggles to pierce Musk’s wide-reaching narrative. The fallout? Heightened mistrust in Arizona’s electoral system.

X users react to Elon Musk’s claims 

Some users are criticising the woke ideology where asking a voter for their voter ID is problematic, but at the same time, asking someone if they’re vaccinated, it’s alright. However, the bottom line is that the state of Arizona would still require the individual to be an American citizen to vote for the general election. 

Liberals are calling Elon Musk a “liar” and that his audience would be gullible enough to believe whatever he says. Despite this, conservatives are firm that this is the end goal of the liberals, which is allowing illegals to vote in the United States. 

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