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Australians calling Trans athlete HANNAH MOUNCEY a MAN regardless of new “INCLUSIVE” sports regulations 

America isn’t the only country having trans athletes competing against women. It appears that Australia is currently suffering from the same issues. Furthermore, feminists are stating that athletes like Hannah Mouncey are still a man, regardless of her transitioning to be a woman. In addition to this, users are stating that she is 6 foot 2 and is 100 kg, 220 pounds. 

The Age states, Transgender athlete Hannah Mouncey is praising Australia’s new comprehensive guidelines for elite trans athletes, considering them the most comprehensive and effective ones. However, the guidelines are facing strong criticism from the Queer Sporting Alliance. 

They are releasing scathing statements opposing them. As the debate surrounding the participation of transgender athletes continues to be contentious. Furthermore, these guidelines aim to establish a fair and consistent approach that upholds both inclusivity and the integrity of sports in Australia.

Conservatives vehemently against Hannah Mouncey’s approval of new sports regulations

There are liberals on Twitter who are giving examples of biological women who are actually taller than Hannah Mouncey. The user states that women as tall as 6 foot 8 are still playing against shorter women in other competitions. However, feminists are stating that they are still biological women. 

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Conservatives are also calling out feminists who have been striving for equality, especially with causes like these in the last few decades. They are stating that this is the product of fighting for trans rights. However, feminists are stating that fighting for equality is not the same as having biological males competing with biological women in sports. 

Twitter users are sharing screenshots where Mouncey states that she is “hung like a horse” while standing next to a pony. However, it is unclear whether this was a real post done by the athlete as there is no digital footprint that is leading towards the image. There are other allegations that people like her are making a mockery of biological women. 

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Conservatives are also calling her a narcissist as trans athletes frequently paint themselves as victims. Others are accusing the athlete of being a bully and claim that she has no pride for forcing her way into women’s sports. 

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