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The inflation rates in America has gotten social media users talking among each other regarding how the President is running the show. Be that as it may, the entire world is going through a bad inflation and recession period. Unfortunately, America is not immune to these devastating times. 

According to CBS News, analysis shows American households require $11,434 annually to match pre-2021 living standards amid record-high inflation. Despite some moderation, rising costs on basics like food, housing, and transport continue to strain budgets nationwide. 

Colorado’s households needing an extra $15,000 yearly, while Arkansas residents require about $8,500, reflecting local economic disparities. 

Furthermore, Breitbart states, President Biden’s recent inflation comments are misleading attempts to sway public opinion amid economic upheaval. His accusatory stance toward businesses not reducing prices, branding it as “price gouging,” reveals a flawed understanding of inflation’s nuances. 

The president’s statement fails to acknowledge that a declining inflation rate doesn’t equate to price decreases but signifies a slower pace of price increases.

Despite Biden’s verbal misstep being part of his prepared speech, vetted by high-level administration officials, it reflects a clear attempt to deceive—an act termed “Bidenboozle.” Even the Atlanta Fed’s clarification on declining inflation not translating to declining prices was timely, coinciding just days after Biden’s remarks, inadvertently rebuking his statement.

X users react to President Biden’s alleged “gaslighting” 


President Biden tweeted that retailers and large corporations should bring down the prices of their goods in order to give the American consumers a “break.” However, the community notes on X are contradictory to what the President said. The community notes state that corporations are increasing their prices relative to the inflation rates. 


Joe Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made a statement regarding the issue, claiming that the President has helped to moderate the inflation rate. However, X users feel that the Democrats are “gaslighting” the average American people as goods are still rising. Democrat supporters state that the rate of unemployment and other statistics has gone down under his tenure.

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