Business & EconomyLarge MOB LOOTED gas station in Los Angeles 

Large MOB LOOTED gas station in Los Angeles 

The United States has been showing great instability lately with the divide among conservatives and liberals. However, a large mob “looting” a gas station in Los Angeles has many questioning the importance of law enforcement. Some internet users are even questioning the “defund the police” campaign and its usefulness to society. 

According to ABC 7, a video shows a large group of looters rushing into a gas station in Compton, stealing merchandise worth thousands of dollars. Furthermore, the store clerk was hiding inside. The incident occurred overnight at an Arco gas station near Alondra Boulevard and Central Avenue. 

The video shows one individual breaking the glass door with many other looters crowding behind. They were seen grabbing various items such as drinks, snacks, alcohol, and even condoms. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reports significant damage to the store and thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise stolen. 

A Compton resident and customer of the Arco gas station expressed disbelief at the event. It is a clear shock to those living in the area. 

Twitter users react to the mob looting the Arco gas station 

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End Wokeness claims that the police were not able to intervene in the situation. However, there are some conservatives stating that a fire truck full of “mace” should be able to neutralise the situation. Others are showing concerns for the owner of the property as it will definitely affect their income. 


Following that, Twitter users are expressing their dismay towards the rioters saying that we are living in a civilised society. Questions on sociology regarding people disowning their civic duty when it comes to riots like this are a rising one. Another Twitter user suggests that this could possibly be due to an economic disparity. 

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Internet users state that this is the reason why there are “food deserts” in certain locations. The bigger question is that business owners may decide to open their doors in better neighbourhoods as incidents like this will definitely not occur there. Some are suggesting that existing businesses will most likely leave these areas which will hurt the local residents even further. 

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