LawConservatives puzzled at liberals switching mindset on illegal migrants 

Conservatives puzzled at liberals switching mindset on illegal migrants 

Previously, when former President Trump wanted to curb the amount of illegal migrants coming into the United States, liberals were vehemently angry. However, it seems that the Democrat residents in “sanctuary” cities like New York are unhappy with migrants coming to their neighbourhoods. 

In 2017, according to Xinhuanet, around 1,000 New Yorkers gathered at Times Square to protest against President Donald Trump’s immigration policy. They were showing solidarity with the city’s Muslim community. Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and Imam Shamsi Ali emphasised unity and the broader impact of these policies on America, beyond just the Muslim community. 

However, in 2023, the New York Times states, demonstrations against the migrant crisis have intensified, particularly in Staten Island which is housing around 2% of the migrants in a former school. Signs reading “Protect our Children” adorned utility poles, and protesters donned American flag shirts and images of former President Donald J. Trump. 

Liberals switching mindset on illegal migrants? 

Following that, X users are showing their confusion towards the residents of New York. Users are also blaming the mainstream media for flip flopping on their decisions regarding the matter. This would confuse the majority of the people even further. Despite this, it seems that New Yorkers are uncomfortable with having too many illegal immigrants in their city. 

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In addition to this, users feel that the liberals did not notice that policies like this will directly affect them sooner or later. Unfortunately, it seems that this is currently affecting them for the worse. Conservatives are stating that they have been right all this while regarding illegal immigrants coming to America. 

Conservatives are blaming Joe Biden for the situation escalating like this. However, they insist that liberals will continue to vote for the Democrats. This is despite the fact that voting for the Democrats is what brought a large number of illegal immigrants to the country with a lack of border control. 

Users state that no matter what, they will still continue to vote for the Democrats. Hence, the conservatives in America are showing little to no sympathy to those in New York for quite literally, voting for exactly what they are getting. 

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