EntertainmentConservatives calling to Boycott Dove for partnering with “Fat liberation” influencer Zyahna...

Conservatives calling to Boycott Dove for partnering with “Fat liberation” influencer Zyahna Bryant after ruining White student’s life 

Seemingly, conservatives are calling to boycott the soap brand, Dove. This is after a series of major corporations losing billions when conservatives boycott them for going woke. X users are vehemently angry at the soap brand for hiring Zyahna Bryant as her past is rather colorful. Furthermore, many are upset that woke individuals are getting free passes to destory the lives of others. 

According to the Daily Mail, Zyahna Bryant, aged 22, was previously accusing a White student, Morgan Bettinger of threatening Black Lives Matter protesters in Charlottesville. She claims this was upset by Bettinger’s use of the phrase ‘speed bumps’ to describe the protest she saw. 

However, Bryant later admits she may have ‘misheard’ and appeared to revel in Bettinger’s cancellation and subsequent life disruption. Despite this controversy, Dove is still going on naming Bryant one of their partners,’ promoting ‘fat liberation’ alongside her contentious background.

X users calling for massive boycotts towards Dove after partnering with Zyahna Bryant


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Prominent conservative pages on X are riling up against Dove. They are upset at these major corporations who are in control of wealthy White people, hiring woke individuals who are anti-White. Following that, users are stating that they have thrown out all of their Dove products and will seek alternative companies to buy from. 

In addition to this, users feel that Zyahna Bryant should receive criminal charges for what she has done. They claim that ruining another student’s life solely basing on assumption and misinterpretation is wrong. Conservatives feel that individuals like her should not receive rewards for her behaviour. 

Furthermore, there are a couple of fat-phobic remarks when it comes to the body positivity influencer. Users feel that Dove is now focusing on individuals like their new “fat liberation” influencer as they will use more product on their skin. Many feel that the company is no longer welcoming itself to people who are at a normal size, or what woke people like to call “straight size.”

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