Business & EconomyTwitter user asks why are store LOOTERS almost always BLACK 

Twitter user asks why are store LOOTERS almost always BLACK 

The story of store looting is at an all-time high in America. Big chain supermarket stores are closing down left right and centre in predominantly Black neighbourhoods. The woke left is crying racism towards this, but not towards the actions of certain individuals affecting their entire community.

In 2021, NBC News reported that numerous individuals were captured on video, some with their identities clearly visible, while others boldly shared their own footage of their actions during the BLM riots. Subsequently, there were a significant number of arrests.

However, an analysis conducted by WNBC’s investigative team, based on NYPD data, reveals that a considerable portion of the cases, particularly in the Bronx, receive dismissals. Moreover, many convictions were for charges like trespassing, which do not carry a jail sentence.

Following that, an owner of an eyeglass shop is still in shock following the looting. She expresses her dismay regarding the situation as a small business owner. 

Twitter user asks why are most looters Black 

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The video shows a Black person walking around a supermarket with a stack of jeans leaving the store without paying. Previously, the authorities would be handling the situation as businesses are losing money if this happens regularly. Furthermore, it appears that Target states that crimes like these are carving $500 million from their 2023 earnings.


Another user states that they are predominantly Black because they can get away with crimes in today’s woke world. Following that, another user states that this is the backbone of BLM, which is letting Black people commit crimes without consequences. This is unfortunate for many of the Black people who are law abiding citizens as assumptions are going to be made on them. 

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Internet users are blaming the Democrats for telling Black people that they are victims of oppression. The user also states that this will be true to any other race if they are given the same chance. Suggestions to treat Black people equally and with respect, rather than to victimize them and think they need help is one of the many given. 

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