LifestyleSopranos star Michael Imperioli FORBIDDING “bigots” and “homophobes” from WATCHING his films

Sopranos star Michael Imperioli FORBIDDING “bigots” and “homophobes” from WATCHING his films

Michael Imperioli recently made a controversial statement towards conservatives by stating that he is forbidding bigots and homophobes from watching his films. The Sopranos actor seems to be in the woke category, and it is infuriating conservatives. Furthermore, Twitter users state that they aren’t interested in watching his films anyways. 

According to CNN, actor Michael Imperioli announces his decision to ban bigots and homophobes from watching his works. These works include “The Sopranos,” “The White Lotus,” and “Goodfellas.” 

Furthermore, he expresses his gratitude to the Supreme Court for allowing him to discriminate against and exclude those he disagrees with. Following that, the post features a screenshot of a news report “Supreme Court protects web designers who won’t do gay wedding websites,” drawing attention to this issue. 

Twitter users state that they don’t watch Michael Imperioli’s work anyways 

The whole ordeal is ruffling some feathers on Twitter. Users are stating that nobody watches his work. There are some liberals stating that they do in fact watch his work. Furthermore, he was on a number of popular shows back in the day. 

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In addition to this, users are diminishing his work by stating that he was playing minor roles. However, his work in The Sopranos was considerably big. He wasn’t portraying one of the bigger characters, but his appearance on the show was as important as the other actors. 

Conservatives are finding the word “forbid” threatening and are stating that he has no right to make such statements. Furthermore, another Twitter user states that they do not own any of his work. However, if they did, Imperioli has no right to tell anyone to not watch his films as they can potentially own a copy of it. 

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Others are diminishing his work even further by stating that he was merely a McDonalds cook in one of his popular shows. Regardless, it seems that when a celebrity gets political, they tend to lose a chunk of their fanbase. 

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