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Non-binary person born as a man, removed his male genitalia for female genitalia and still wants to be a masculine person 

Recently, a non-binary person states that he removes his genitals in order to replace them with female ones. Furthermore, the TikToker wanted a female reproductive system but maintaining his masculine physique. Some are finding this quite peculiar, but it has already been done, and it’s the individual’s choice. 

Some are looking at this in the perspective that the TikToker may want to be an Eunuch. A research study done in 2015 suggests that Eunuchs are biological males who voluntarily undergo castration for reasons other than male-to-female transsexualism. Furthermore, these men desire to be an alternative gender different from their assigned gender.

In addition to this, due to fear or embarrassment, many “eunuch wannabes” avoid traditional healthcare and resort to self-castration. They instead seek help from nonmedical “cutters,” or injecting toxic substances like ethanol to damage their testicles for safe removal by a urologist.

Conservatives showing their DISGUST towards this non-binary individual 

Libs of TikTok captions their post of this video with the summary of what this individual states. Many are finding the sense in the situation as it is mind boggling. Furthermore, Twitter users claim that this individual is in need of mental evaluations. They add that he is mentally ill and the healthcare system is merely enabling him to mutilate himself. 

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In addition to this, conservative women are stating that this is the ultra liberal male of the near future. Following that, Twitter users state that this individual will not be able to sexually please themself and may be violent to others in the future. They claim that this person may be resentful and angry due to this procedure. 


However, it seems that conservatives are sarcastically thanking the Democrats for the possibility of this happening. Most normal Americans are stating that a few years back, if an individual wants to amputate themselves, they would be receiving psychiatric help.

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