LifestyleTwitter users says RUDE airline passenger suffer from "BLACK PRIVILEGE" 

Twitter users says RUDE airline passenger suffer from “BLACK PRIVILEGE” 

It seems that the anti-woke crowd are running in droves to Twitter. A plethora of these kinds of videos of rude individuals are constantly getting viral on social media sites. Following that, some claim that a large number of these viral videos involve what is normally seen as “oppressed” individuals. However, now people are calling these individuals those that have privilege. 

The video shows a Black man stating that he goes by “his own rules” and that he does not want to wait for the other passengers. It appears that the flight just landed and the passengers are gathering their things. Furthermore, as he is wearing a gold Michael Kors jacket, all eyes are on him. 

After that, he shoves a few women to make his way through. The other passengers, for obvious reasons, state that this behaviour is unacceptable. Unfortunately, when flying economy, you would have to wait for the other passengers to disembark first. Priority boarding and disembarking are obtainable if you purchase a first class ticket. 

Twitter users call out the rude airline passenger 

The video has over 1.5 million views. Some users comment that the best way to avoid these people is to charter your own aircraft. However, the cost to charter one isn’t something everyone can afford. The user adds that assaulting the person back after pushing them should be the logical thing to do. 

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Another Twitter user states that they would pretend to be screaming and falling down in pain if an individual dares to do the same to them. In addition to this, the user states that he has a bad back. If someone is recording the moment, and there is viable evidence of an assault on going, it would be a probable solution. 

One user cites that this person suffers from Black privilege. This is due to some people potentially defending the individual for their race. A reply to that comment states that the White woman now will be called a “racist” due to her telling the individual off. 

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Others are calling the rude passenger delusional as they openly state they are living in their own rules. Furthermore, the tweet states that this person thinks they are more important than everyone else. However, this is not true as it is obvious that the other passengers would also have important things to do after their flight. 

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