LifestyleSealed First Gen iPhone Sold For Whopping $63,000 at Auction

Sealed First Gen iPhone Sold For Whopping $63,000 at Auction

This news comes as a shock to many as the first generation of iPhones are worth a lot of money if sealed. Recently, an iPhone 2G was sold for $63,000 at an auction. The iPhone was initially released in 2007, costing the general consumer $599 retail back in the day. 

Today, iPhones are significantly more expensive. The top of the line Pro Max models could set you back up to $1,599. Even a Macbook Air can be cheaper than the new generation iPhones. Back then, obviously, the iPhones were priced significantly less than Macs. 

According to Mac Rumors, the auction’s description listing for the phone read: The iPhone, one of the most significant and widely used inventions of our time, was unveiled by Steve Jobs at MacWorld San Francisco on January 9, 2007. Retail sales began just five months later on June 29th, with a price tag of $499/$599.

The original model boasted 4/8 GB of storage, a revolutionary touchscreen, a 2-megapixel camera, and an internet browser. Its packaging featured a life-size image of the iPhone with 12 icons on the display, becoming an iconic product that would change the smartphone industry and earn Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year award in 2007, while also becoming Apple’s most successful product.

Netizens react to the iPhone being sold at $63,000 

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One netizen commented that they wish they hadn’t sold their first generation iPhone. This is a popular sentiment among Twitter users who have been iPhone users since 2007. Another netizen joked that they have a working iPhone 2G, and they’re willing to sell it for $25,000.

However, that said the phone does not come with a box or charger. There were some criticisms of the people who bought the phone. A netizen claimed that the person purchasing the iPhone at said price should consider investing their money by using another method. 

How much would an unsealed iPhone 2G sell for? 

According to several listings on Ebay, there are a plethora of used iPhone 2G lying around the platform. Those in good condition may fetch a prettier price, but more or less the ones that are in awful shape are selling for $150. 

There is one in good condition and it is being sold for $1,190. It even comes with its own display case. For this listing, the phone is in nearly perfect shape, and it comes with the original cables, headphones, etc. The box also looks to be in good shape. 

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