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Sims 4 In Hot Waters For Offering “Non Binary” Options In New Update 

The Sims series is always known to many as the “digital dollhouse” but it came under fire for offering non binary options in its newest update.

Their aim is for their users to build a house, harnessing their architecture skills and to see if the home is livable. Over time, it has developed into a human simulation game where the player has full control over their sims’ life.

Previously, the Sims series was pretty straightforward when it comes to making these digital humanoids. Now, it is a complex system where you can choose on how exactly you’d like your sim to be. You can customise their voices, clothing styles, hair, skin and eye colours.

Sims 4 getting backlash for having post-op trans options


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The game’s current primary objective is to be as inclusive as it can be. They have recently offered a “post-op” transgender body type in their game. However, the conservatives do not find this up for their liking. Furthermore, the player has the full authority to change the gender of their sim starting when the sim is a teenager. 

Conservative Twitter account, Libs of TikTok has come to the scene stating that this could be inappropriate for small children. The game is rated for 12-years-old and above and went on saying that this could be a bad influence on children. 

Conservative Twitter users replied to their dismay about the game’s new update. They find it atrocious and disappointing. Others claimed that this is “criminal.” There were others stating that this is normalising bodily mutilation. 

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A netizen joked that if the game had a feature for its humanoids to regret their decisions, to which others replied that it was exactly what the game was all about – allowing the characters to mimic human emotions. However, the point of the game is for it to be funny and not exactly emulating real life. 


Other Twitter users state that this can confuse children even more as during puberty, most children would have an extreme hormone imbalance. This may cause further confusion to the children where they’d think that they belong in the wrong body. It may be true for some, but it is a tiny minority. 

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There were some liberals defending the game, stating that the game has a feature called “woo-hoo” which is a pg term for sexual intercourse. This liberal netizen then stated why there was no outrage when this feature has always been available to the game for more than a decade. 


Another liberal Twitter user stated that they’re happy the Sims released this feature and would continue to support the game. They are also happy that the game is inclusive towards a marginalised group. 

It seems that a number of digital technological companies are striving to be the most inclusive one out of the bunch. There were other netizens that claimed the game Call of Duty does not have any country flags but has flags for sexual identities. Apparently, the game used to have country flags but it was removed. 

Having this feature in the Sims may or may not be forcing down a political ideology down children’s throats. As it is a customisable game, you can choose to control the features you want in the game. 

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