Business & EconomyRural Americans. conservatives WON, Target LOST $9 BILLION after Woke LGBT Children...

Rural Americans. conservatives WON, Target LOST $9 BILLION after Woke LGBT Children Clothing SCANDAL

The recent scandal of Target promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda to children as young as toddlers in the South has raised concerns among conservatives. Many brought out an immense campaign to boycott the company. Furthermore, it appears that they have lost as much as Bud Light after they turn woke.

The New York Post states that Target’s market value is dropping by $9 billion following calls for a boycott by outraged social media users over introducing its “PRIDE” collection. The collection includes LGBTQ-friendly clothing for children. Prior to the controversy, Target’s stock closed at $160.96 per share, resulting in a market capitalization of $74.3 billion.

Target Value Loss

However, early trading on Thursday reveals a 1% decline in the company’s shares, reaching $141.76. Furthermore, it’s leading to a significant decrease in value to $65.3 billion. This represents a 12% decline, causing a substantial $9 billion reduction in Target’s market capitalization. As the conservative Americans say, go woke go broke.

Rural Americans and conservatives rejoice after their win against woke corporations

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Americans on Twitter state that their economic power is able to bring the woke agenda down a few notches. Furthermore, another Twitter user posts a photo depicting a leader dominating the crowd. However, when the crowd stands up for themselves, the leader then bows down to the crowd. This is how conservatives view the situation.

Target Bashed

Another user states that this is what happens when a major corporation targets children. The user adds that we should not under-estimate the power of moms. Conservatives state that moms are the last hope for saving America from being a woke factory.

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Many state that corporations like Target should instead focus on the main general consumers, not the 3% minority consumers. Furthermore, there are ways to appease both markets, but one of the ways to not do it right is by shoving woke ideologies into the faces of people. Moreover, it is clear that Americans are unhappy with the whole woke movement.

Woke Americans are rushing into the scene telling the conservatives off saying that they are not accepting people who are different from them. However, conservatives are responding stating that if these corporations are targeting children, yes, they will not accept it at all. The main point of the conservative Americans is to leave children alone.

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BLM on verge of BANKRUPTCY, conservatives REJOICE after proving themselves RIGHT 

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