Business & EconomyBLM on verge of BANKRUPTCY, conservatives REJOICE after proving themselves RIGHT 

BLM on verge of BANKRUPTCY, conservatives REJOICE after proving themselves RIGHT 

The controversial topic regarding the whole BLM movement and the money that they receive as donations. Initially, the movement began from a noble cause. This is due to Black Americans receiving discrimination in their own country. An unfortunate scene as no one should receive such horrible treatment. 

However, conservative Americans, Black or White have been calling bluff towards BLM. According to the New York Post, recent tax documents show the Global Network Foundation of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement concludes the fiscal year with a significant deficit of $8,559,748. 

Furthermore, the filings also reveal that the nonprofit grants approximately $8.5 million in revenue, which is roughly half of the total amount it spends. This deficit is particularly noteworthy considering that in the previous year, the organization experience substantial growth, accumulating nearly $42 million in earnings after covering expenses.

As a result of this financial setback, the group’s assets decline by nearly $11.75 million, leaving them with $30 million at the end of the fiscal year.

Conservatives are saying that they were right all along about BLM 

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Conservatives are using this as bullet points to show that the Democrats are spending their money frivolously. They add that Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of the movement, isn’t doing much to financially help the organization. Twitter users state that after all of the money they receive, Black Americans are still struggling. 


Some are stating that the Democrats and major corporations are scammed by BLM. However, others do not agree with this sentiment. They believe that major corporations and the government are benefiting immensely towards this. This is due to the fact that political or social movements play with the sentiments of the public. 

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Twitter users are stating that Black Americans should be angry with what is happening towards them. Yet, they are still calmly voting for the Democrats. Others state that the Democrats have not really been helping the Black community in America for the last 50 years. 

Rapper Ice Cube states that Black Americans have a lack of progress due to them being loyal to the Democrats. However, some disagree with his sentiment stating that Americans have to take things in their own hands to succeed. This is regardless of their race, gender or ethnicity. 

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