This is rather a peculiar story as a Black business owner in Jamaica states that she is not entertaining anymore Black American guests. She states that the Black Americans that come to her cottage are entitled and would want free items. She adds that she does not want Black Americans any longer for short term stays. 

There is an apparent dissociation among Black Americans and Jamaicans. According to CBS, it appears that Jamaican-born people are identifying themselves as different people. They are one of the many Black people who move to the United States but are identifying as African American, despite claiming not to be so. 

Some of them do not identify as African American, but as Jamaican-born Black individuals. Regardless, there are several questions when it comes to the relations of African Americans and Jamaican-born Black people in the United States. Redditors state that the cultural differences between the two is one of the reasons why they are quite distant from each other. 

Twitter users react to Black Jamaican business owner not welcoming Black Americans 


One of the first comments about this whole situation is that the woke left will accuse her of being a hateful bigoted person. She also describes those that visit her cottage that happen to be African Americans as disrespectful, entitled, and unappreciative. Conservatives are defending her stating that she has no problems with African people nor people from other regions. 


Following that, there are comments stating that this incident is bringing out those who are literally bigoted. As we can see in the comments, there are some who are taking things a little too far. However, a majority of the comments disagree with this sentiment stating that the woman has the right to speak about her Business. 


Others speculate that it could be financial reasons, as Americans are wealthier than Jamaicans in general. Furthermore, Twitter users state that when visiting another country, despite one’s race, they should be respecting the locals more. Once there is mutual respect, it would be easier to make friends when holidaying. 


There are some Black rights activists that are vehemently upset at this woman’s claims towards African Americans. Following that, the user states that it is the blatant White supremacism from the past until today that is making them look bad. However, there are many who disagree with this sentiment. It is a sensitive topic for the most part despite it being widely discussed among those on the internet. 

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