LifeTelevision Host Offering East Palestine Water To US Government Officials 

Television Host Offering East Palestine Water To US Government Officials 

Benny Johnson, a popular television host tweets that he is offering bottled water sourced from East Palestine to US government officials. He is specifically offering them to the Department of Transportation. This is due to the head allegedly telling him that the water there is safe. 

However, the situation in East Palestine is largely ignored by the masses. Many on Twitter are visibly unhappy about the situation. Johnson apparently is producing a video to show the response of those working there. 

According to the Guardian, recently, research data reveals that the soil in East Palestine, Ohio. It is the site of a recent catastrophic train crash and chemical spill, contains dioxin levels hundreds of times higher than the exposure threshold. This was identified by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientists in 2010 as posing cancer risks.

Netizens react to the television host offering East Palestine water to government officials 


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A netizen responds by saying that the official statement by Governor Shapiro states that tap water is safe to drink. This is after running the tap for a minute. She sarcastically remarks that this is a public health miracle. Moreover, it is a miracle because contaminated water is immediately safe to drink after this “hack.” 

Another person responds by saying that this is similar to a scene in Erin Brockovich. The movie portrays a woman who is fighting for a case against a gas company contaminating the waters of an area. Furthermore, the person then adds that she gave the lawyers defending the company water from the area. 

Previously, the environment caring people are those that generally portray themselves as a liberal person. Some are alleging that ultra wealthy conservatives are fighting for the conservation of wildlife animals in order to hunt them. 

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Regardless, the situation in East Palestine is bad. The fact that it is barely receiving any attention from the mass media is a shocker to many. For the United States to involve itself in conflicts around the world, yet is ignoring the problems brewing in their own backyard is a shock to many. 

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