LifeTrans person wishing de-transitioners harm for going against their agenda 

Trans person wishing de-transitioners harm for going against their agenda 

Being transgender is one of the most controversial topics, despite us being in one of the most inclusive times we have ever been in. However, reservations regarding trans people are increasing merely due to the radical woke movement. There are some unfortunate cases that made conservatives blame the whole transgender population. 

Even the LGB part of the LGBTQ+ community are against trans individuals. Mainly, they are against ones like these, wishing harm to those who are detransitioning. According to the South China Morning Post, politicians often escape accountability for disseminating false information about transgender and LGBT individuals. 

Some claim that politicians are characterizing trans individuals as monsters or even pedophiles while citing religious justifications. Furthermore, note that the first openly transgender woman in Montana’s state legislature was barred following her warning that lawmakers would bear responsibility if they restrict medical care for transgender youth.

Trans person wishing de-transitioners harm

For obvious reasons, conservatives are vehemently against opinions and ideas like this. There are several comments that are not entirely too nice or polite. An X user posts a meme about trans people. However, it is quite hateful and transphobic as some claim that only a minority of them are problematic. 

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In addition to this, conservatives are stating that people with this mindset were sent to mental institutions. However, today, they are able to make harsh statements all over social media. Regardless, both ends may hate each other severely, but in a better world, they would be able to cooperate with each other. 

Others state that if genitals do not confirm gender, then why removing them affirms it. Despite this, conservatives state that this question will most definitely trigger liberals. X users claim that liberals will only reason and use logic if it fits their own agenda. If a fact isn’t suitable towards their agenda, they will disregard it and call their opponent slurs. 

For the most part, this is what most of the conservatives are saying. The irony is also that a large segment of these conservatives were possibly liberal less than 10 years ago. 

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