LifestyleTwitter Rumoured To Increase Character Limit To 27,000

Twitter Rumoured To Increase Character Limit To 27,000

There is a rumour floating around that the social media app Twitter is looking to increase its character limits to 27,000 characters. Currently, they have a 280 limit for tweets which was already doubled from the previous 140 characters limit in 2017.

Nowadays, URLs, mentions and media attachments do not add up on the character limit. This was initially placed in order for the users on Twitter to have a clear message. Now, with the limit possibly gone, we might start seeing full blown essays on our Twitter time-line. 

According to MacRumors, in December 2022, Elon Musk announced that Twitter will soon have a new character limit, rumoured to be a substantial increase from its current limit of 280 characters to a possible 4,000 characters. This change would significantly impact the concise and succinct nature of Twitter and could require users to become accustomed to reading longer, more in-depth tweets.

The main justification for this reasoning is that the long threads about any possible information would be eliminated. The threads would instead be combined into one singular long tweet that would have all the information ready in it. Twitter threads have been one of their famous fixtures as their users seem to love doing it. 

Reactions to Twitter’s longer character limit

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Netizens are stating that they would definitely not read the whole content of a very long tweet. The testing version which is up to 29,000 characters is not popular among the social media platform’s users. 


Another netizen stated that they will block an individual if their tweet is long enough to cover their entire screen. Over 10,000 users agree with this as this is the amount of likes the netizen received for saying it. A reply to that comment stated that probably only the paid subscribers of Twitter are allowed to hide the long tweets. 

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Loyal users claim that increasing the character limits will defeat the purpose of it. Claiming that this might actually destroy the platform. Others are somewhat agreeing to this sentiment as they claim that Elon Musk is purposely destroying the app that he spent a substantial amount of money on. 


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A Lana Del Rey fan replied saying that fans can tweet her song title in full now with the new update. This is a joke directed towards the singer as her songs could sometimes have titles that may seem that it is half a sentence on its own.

Regardless, it appears that the platform users are not very keen on having the character limits revoked and are content with having it at 280 characters. There could be another possible way to disband threads on the platform by potentially merging the whole thing into one tweet as an option. We will have to wait and observe on what will be official in the next subsequent months. 

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