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X users blaming White supremacy after a Black doctor delivers a Black baby that was deceased 

There are more woke individuals blaming the faults of White supremacy towards anything that is wrong with society these days. An unfortunate incident recently occurred where a doctor, a Black woman, delivers a baby that sadly died. However, X users are commenting that this is solely due to medical racism and that White supremacy is responsible for this. 

CNN reports that a lawsuit has been filed by a mother who claims that her baby was decapitated during childbirth. This incident was at a Georgia hospital last month. Legal documents state that the Southern Regional Medical Center, in Riverdale, was trying to conceal the baby’s cause of death from the family.

Sadly, this was including the 20-year-old mother, Jessica Ross, and her boyfriend, Treveon Isaiah Taylor Sr. The lawsuit alleges negligence in the delivery process. The baby, named after his father, was born full-term. However, the county medical examiner’s office has yet to release the official cause of death, with the autopsy still pending.

Conservatives disagree with some X users blaming this on White supremacy 

This tragedy most likely has nothing to do with White supremacy. It is a sad moment for a mother to lose her child in such a manner. Furthermore, users should not pinpoint the cause of the whole ordeal. 

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According to other X users, the doctor that is in relation to this predicament is a Black woman. Conservatives are trying to make sense of the whole situation regarding the involvement of White supremacy. Others are stating that irregardless of the doctor’s race, it is peculiar to say such a thing. 

Following that, some users are implying that the doctor had her position and qualifications through affirmative action. X users are stating that the current infrastructure is falling apart due to individuals with lower qualifications receiving benefits and jobs that are potentially not suitable for them. 

There are others questioning on how the baby was even nearly decapitated. In lieu of this, some X users are posting sources that claim the doctor was using excessive force on the baby. It is still sad to see an incident like this occurring in 2023 and others are blaming a racial group for something like to happen. 

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