Health & FitnessWoke woman storming off a podcast implying that biology is “transphobic” 

Woke woman storming off a podcast implying that biology is “transphobic” 

There seems to be a phobia directed to biology as woke individuals do not like what they hear. Most conservatives are stating that men and women are born as they are biologically, and there is a difference between biological individuals and trans individuals. However, it seems that the woke mob refuses to understand this. 

According to The Guardian, a consensus is emerging on protecting women-only spaces. They highlight the importance of distinguishing between biological sex and gender identity, emphasizing its significance for vulnerable women, such as female inmates who have experienced male violence and sexual assaults. 

Furthermore, an author is stressing the need for protection against violence and discrimination for all. However, this is regardless of gender identity, emphasizing the importance of common sense and scientific understanding in addressing these concerns.

Conservatives mocking woke woman calling biology transphobic 


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X users are feeling peculiar that woke individuals are finding science and biology transphobic. Some of them state that apparently, biology is now hate speech. However, this is a stark comparison to what liberals believe in. They typically claim to believe in science, but when science shows a different result, they get upset. 

In addition to this, users are calling the woman “sciencephobic” and “biophobic” as she refuses to accept said fact. Furthermore, X users state that the woman should agree to disagree with the discussion as it is not transphobia. Trans individuals are still biologically different from their biological counterparts. 

Following that, conservatives state that this discussion is far from transphobia as the panel was discussing biological differences. Transphobic individuals would typically not be open to the idea of a trans person in general. Some users mock the commenter stating that these woke individuals will think whatever that does not fit their narrative as racist or homophobic. 

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Several conspiracy theorists came to the scene and are blaming the government and traditional media for this. However, we have no evidence that the government is behind this trying to distract Americans by making them disagree with each other. 

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