The woke world is seemingly heading towards a concerning direction. Apparently, a Twitter user recently states that they’re celebrating “YAP” which is short for “Youth Attracted Persons,” and many are not happy with it. Twitter users went on a crusade against the user for even creating a flag for this said sexuality. 

This topic has been going around for years. In 2021, the New York Post states that a Virginia assistant professor named Walker maintained that it was crucial to use the phrase “minor-attracted persons” rather than the derogatory term “paedophile” since it is less offensive.

Following that, Walker’s phrase, according to critics, destigmatised sex offenders. The assistant professor argues that the study was done to stop child sexual abuse and to better understand potential sexual offenders in the statement announcing Walker’s departure.

The internet shows their disdain towards YAP 


Furthermore, Gays Against Groomers went on Twitter stating that a “trans-furry” person is rebranding pedophilia. The Twitter page claims that soon if the general public does not accept this behaviour, they will be in the same category as fascists and bigots. The profile of said person is a confusing one as they claim to be a “furry” which means a person that likes to engage in sexual acts while wearing animal costumes. 

Another person states that any behaviour that is dangerous towards children should never receive encouragement from anyone. It is shocking that there are people actually supporting this “YAP” movement. 

Another user states that the people who are liking the post should be in a sex offender’s registry. However, another user cites that Twitter does not have a dislike function, and that might cause some confusion as people might actually dislike the post. Despite this, it would be better to not show any support to posts like these. 


Others state that the “furry” community has numerous involvements with children. Furthermore, said community are constantly having grooming and child abuse problems happening within them. 

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