LifeAirports now have ALL GENDER restrooms? 

Airports now have ALL GENDER restrooms? 

For the last century, bathrooms have been a serious topic of debate for those who are discriminated against. Black people were excluded from using the bathroom that was meant for White people during the Jim Crow era. Now it seems, the blue states are pushing to make everyone use the same bathroom, regardless of their gender. 

According to Business Inquirer, the concept of a restroom is often associated with privacy and personalization. It is generally seen as an intimate space. However, when examining the proxemics, only the individual toilet stalls provide true privacy, as only one person can use them at a time. 

The sink and counter areas, on the other hand, fall within the personal to social radius on the proxemic scale. Having gender-neutral restrooms in public places can address various concerns such as health, safety, accessibility for people with special needs, and efficient use of real estate space and utilities.

It seems that most are accepting of having all gender restrooms due to the inclusivity it brings. However, there are complaints from women and transgender people on concerns of attacks in these private spaces. 

Twitter users react to an all gender restroom

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Male users state that they would feel uncomfortable going to the same restroom as women. Furthermore, the man states that this can be the cause of multiple allegations and misconduct in the confined area. There are others who agree with this sentiment stating that it would make them uncomfortable too. 

Furthermore, there are others who actually agree with these gender neutral bathrooms. This Twitter user states that it is similar to using a “porta potty” that is commonly available during sports events. There are a few women responding saying that they would prefer to not share their private spaces with men due to the differences in hygiene. 


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Some users state that women should not be appalled with sharing the restroom with men. This Twitter user claims that women are equally as “gross” as men by having mishaps in the toilets as well. However, some women state that predatory men could in fact harass young girls in the bathroom without the knowledge of others. 

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