With so many people posting reels or “how-to’s” on the internet, standing out on social media has now become a challenge and to beat that one should be interactive.

So, how can you engage your existing customers and possible clients using the net?

Be interactive

Creating interactive social media content is among the best ways to increase your audience engagement and get the number of clicks, likes, and shares you desire.

One simple way to create interactive content is through live streaming on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. If you’re a craft maker, show people how you make your merchandise; talk to them as if they’re with you onsite. Describe the different phases involved in the whole process, but never forget to emphasize that every step is enjoyable.

If you’re an aspiring make-up specialist, showcase your skills live (with a model or with yourself). Show them not just how you do things but where your stuff can be found without advertising the companies they’re sold from (although you can also advertise but see to it that the advertised company knows about it, they might just pay you for it).

Or if you’re a busy office worker who is into championing work-life balance, show netizens how your day starts and ends.

Your live updates let you connect with your target audience and answer their questions in real-time. You can also keep them posted about your ventures.

Creating engaging content enables you to get more data about your audience which allows you to produce personalized marketing drives in the future.

Also, collaborate with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers have a small but highly engaged following that allows you to reach a more targeted audience.

Start by researching micro-influencers in your line of work or video concept, individuals with a following aligned with your target audience. From there, you can reach out and introduce yourself and explain why you want to partner with him/her.

Word of advice — make sure that any content you create brings into line with your general marketing approach and overtly echoes your brand.

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