LifeBarack Obama’s brother Malik Obama allegedly calls him “gay” on X 

Barack Obama’s brother Malik Obama allegedly calls him “gay” on X 

The former President of the United States, Barack Obama has gotten into another drama with his brother it seems. Malik Obama recently tweets that his brother, the former President, is a snake and a slur word that begins with an f. Following that, another user was asking if he was gay, and he appears to be confirming it. 

According to some reports, Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother in Kenya, has reportedly countered the former US president’s advocacy for LGBTQ-themed books in school libraries by insinuating that his half-sibling is gay. 

The article was published in July. Malik Obama allegedly states, “This man is definitely gay.” This response was emerging following Barack Obama’s letter condemning the removal of contentious books from children’s libraries. In addition to that, there was one that was depicting explicit gay content.

Barack Obama’s brother calling him gay 


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In addition to this, it appears that the brotherly feud is running pretty deep. Malik claims that his half-brother does not even bother to attend the funerals or to take care of members of his family. Following that, his brother is insinuating that the former President is heartless as ice. 

Regarding the slur, he did in fact tweet about it. An X user was asking Malik on his thoughts of his brother being gay. He replies simply by implying his brother was a homosexual with a slur that is inappropriate. However, Democrats and woke individuals are telling him off by stating that Barack has done a lot for America. 


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Popular X pages did mention about the whole ordeal. However, users are in shock that the former President even has a brother. Not many know much about his family background, especially with him being the first Black President in American history. 


Others state that they already knew who he was all the way back in 2016 when he was openly supporting Trump as the American president. Furthermore, currently, on his X page he openly shows his disdain for Biden and the Democrats. 

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