politicsJoe Biden Accused Of Sidelining East Palestine’s Chemical Spill 

Joe Biden Accused Of Sidelining East Palestine’s Chemical Spill 

Joe Biden, the President of the United States has yet to do much about the train crash which led to the awful chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio. Twitter users are furious at the President’s lack of incentives for the residents in the local area. 

According to WKBN, environmentalist Erin Brockovich stated, “The Biden Administration needs to get more involved in this train derailment now. We are counting on you to break the chain of administration after administration to turn a blind eye.”

Investigators were primarily concerned about the vinyl chloride. It is a dangerous flammable gas, which the Norfolk Southern-operated train had been hauling along with other chemicals and combustible goods. The derailment caused a massive fire to break out, which emitted dense, billowing smoke that covered the town. 

Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio issued an evacuation order for residents on both sides of the Ohio-Pennsylvania border as he warned of a potential explosion. All of this happened on the 3rd of February this year. 

Discussions about Joe Biden’s sidelining Chemical Spill in East Palestine

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Conservatives are rushing to Twitter in hopes that the American government acts quickly towards this tragedy. It appears that about 30 million Americans are at risk due to this issue. There are calls for notable environmentalists such as Greta Thundberg and others to bring light to this situation.  


Republican supporters proceeded to make fun of the Democrat supporters. One netizen posted a meme showing a half melted face while captioning that it would be worse if Trump is still in power. Others stated that Ohio is a Republican state. 

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Democrat supporters accused former President Trump for this issue. They claimed that the former President was the one who deregulated the railway industry. Thus, incidents like this can occur more once deregulation happens. 


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Other netizens are accusing President Joe Biden of not wanting to fully step in this issue. Suggestions that this might have to do with the fact that Ohio is a red state. 71% of Ohio voted for Trump in the last elections. 


The Democrat and Republican supporters argued in the comments section. The Democrat supporter’s defence is that this is a state issue, and that the Republicans should handle the situation. The Republican supporters are arguing that this problem is more than just a state’s problem. 

Currently, there is not a major announcement made by the United States government regarding the issue. Regardless of the state’s government, the federal government should get involved with a tragedy on this scale. 

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