EntertainmentCelebrityJenna Ortega Hysterically Crying During Filming of Wednesday 

Jenna Ortega Hysterically Crying During Filming of Wednesday 

Jenna Ortega recently came out with a statement saying that she was frequently crying during the filming of the hit Netflix show, Wednesday. Jenna has also captured the hearts of her Gen-Z audience by being the anti-fashion of the regular “popular mean girl.” 

She has also starred in numerous movies and tv shows. She played a younger version of Jane in Jane the Virgin from 2014 until 2019. Jenna also played a character in another of Netflix’s hit series, You. 

Furthermore, her skills have been highly reflected in Ti West’s horror slasher film, X in 2022. The role that brought her the most fame was without a doubt Wednesday. She started to be in the ranks of her peers after being the actress for the main character of a Netflix show. 

Ortega VS Wednesday

She is facing some form of cyberbullying from some Twitter users following the release of her statement. However, her ardent fans swiftly came to her defence, stating that those perpetrating the cyberbullying likely have “unfulfilling” lives.

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Fans are expressing their worries about the way Netflix is treating Jenna. There are claims that the platform’s recent controversies have left it resembling a struggling vessel. On the contrary, many sees Jenna as a highly talented young actress. She has some impressive performances in a number of Netflix production and is carrying the platform on her own.


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Agreements that it is alright for her to feel stress working long hours acting are the popular opinion. As a 20-year-old it must be tough for her to be the face of Netflix all over the world, said a fan. Others agree that the art of acting is glamorous but is also stressful. 

Furthermore, fans discussed that her career path may entail her to make more money than the average person, but it does not mean that her stress is not valid. There were some that called her spoiled and “replaceable” but it is doubtful that Netflix will replace their newest star. 

Her role for Wednesday is obviously not easy. She had to change her whole demeanour and character just to fit into the role. That’s not the only issue, Jenna had to learn a few high society musical instruments for the role, which is not easy to accomplish within just a few months. 

Jenna Ortega is a talented young performer who is destined to continue captivating audiences on television for many years to come. Twitter users ought to have empathy for actors and actresses, recognizing that their high salaries do not exempt them from emotions. 

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