LifestyleBLACK Africans TIRED of Black Americans “AFRISPLAINING” Africa 

BLACK Africans TIRED of Black Americans “AFRISPLAINING” Africa 

We are reaching a peculiar situation in our times where Black Americans are telling African people about their own history. A TikToker by the name of not_africanhippie states that an American would not be able to list five countries in Africa, let alone if they are actually able to explain the culture of each individual nation.

According to a study done by Professor David C. Koelsch from University of Berkley, the relations between African immigrants and Black Americans are not as positive as we think. While African Americans, like other Americans, are seen to the stereotypes of portraying Africa as a problem continent.

A continent that is suffering from war, famine, and tribal divisions. Furthermore, this perception should not overshadow the diversity within African communities.

Following that, the research highlights that a significant number of African immigrants emphasize their national or continental origins in order to be seen as “foreigners” by White Americans. By doing so, they hope to receive more favorable treatment from White individuals compared to the experiences faced by Black Americans.

TikToker states that Black Americans are AFRISPLAINING Africa 


Replying to @akosuapomaahappiah PanAfricans meh culture

♬ AFRICAN DRUMS 1 – Cavendish

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There are a number of comments that state the saddening outlook of many Africans showing their frustrations towards Black Americans. Furthermore, many are sad at this outlook as they should have more in common rather than being at odds with each other. However, the emphasis on the difference of culture within the continent itself is vast.


Talks about how African people are happy sharing their culture to others, while African Americans despise the idea is another issue towards their relations. Following that, there was a recent uproar on Twitter regarding Juneteenth, which has been a federal holiday since 2021. The intentions for this holiday is good as it is a day to remember those slaves who became free after the civil war.

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However, things took a wrong turn when the promotional poster depicts a White couple. A plethora of Black Americans are vehemently against this. Regardless, this is a sensitive topic and there are a multitude of opinions regarding what is right or wrong about this. In contrast, Africans are happy to share their culture, while Black Americans are pro “gate keeping.”

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