EntertainmentBLACK CLEOPATRA documentary receives only 1% Audience SCORE 

BLACK CLEOPATRA documentary receives only 1% Audience SCORE 

The ever so controversial discussion whether the former Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra was White or Black is troubling both liberals and conservatives. Furthermore, it appears that many are fed up with Netflix’s constant portrayal of actual people as Black. This is regardless if the person is of European descent or of any other race. 

The Daily Mail states that Controversy is surrounding  the show as accusations of ‘blackwashing’ are rising. This is due to the casting of a black actress, Adele James, 37, in the lead role of Queen Cleopatra. However, it seems that Netflix is disregarding historical evidence that indicates her Macedonian-Greek heritage.

After receiving a mere one percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes within four days, Queen Cleopatra is allegedly the lowest rating ever. Previously, there was an Egyptian lawyer who was even taking legal action against Netflix for this whole ordeal. 

Black Cleopatra boycotted among most internet users 

Currently, the most popular sentiment on Twitter is that wokeism isn’t something that is tolerable. Furthermore, a Twitter user states that woke films do not deserve any sort of love or attention. Another user asks if the documentary is “woke” or is it merely a “trash” documentary. 

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Furthermore, there are conservatives stating that now this will be against White people who did not watch the documentary. A Twitter user claims that it is racist if someone does not want to watch a show where the lead actress is Black. This is a gray area as some might agree or disagree on this. 


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Following that, there are some users accusing the “elites” of losing money due to the agenda they are pushing. The user then accuses these “elites” of trying to brainwash us into thinking that these woke films are good. However, there are some users who think that the networks are simply wanting to tap into an audience that consists of people of colour. 

It appears that Twitter users are not liking Jada Pinkett Smith. After the whole ordeal with Will Smith, she is not seen in a favorable light among internet users. Users are saying that this whole documentary is a mess simply because she is the producer. 

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The photo above is from Netflix.

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