EntertainmentCelebrityBlake Lively clarifies that her personal trainer is not her baby daddy

Blake Lively clarifies that her personal trainer is not her baby daddy

Blake Lively, who has four children with husband Ryan Reynolds, recently had a playful moment on Instagram where she humorously clarified who is not the father of her kids.

The 35-year-old actress posted a stunning photo of herself in a red-orange bikini, showing off her toned figure. In the caption, she jokingly mentioned using AI to draw her baby daddy, implying that it’s not her personal trainer, Don Saladino.

Photo: Instagram/Blake Lively

Blake Lively maintains a fit physique

Lively and Reynolds share children James (8), Inez (6), and Betty (3). In February 2023, they welcomed their fourth child. Despite having a new baby, Lively has managed to quickly get back to her pre-pregnancy shape.

One curious fan asked her how she looked so good after having four children, and Lively gave credit to her personal trainer, Don Saladino, for helping her get back into shape. She playfully clarified that he’s not the father of her kids, but he does assist her in fitting back into some of her clothes after pregnancy. She emphasized that Saladino is not only a great trainer but also an incredible person and friend.

Thanks to personal trainer

This isn’t the first time Lively has humorously acknowledged Don Saladino’s role in her fitness journey. In a previous Instagram post, while she was still pregnant with her fourth child, she joked about his workout program, comparing her pre-pregnancy figure with her heavily pregnant state.

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She shared two photos side by side with her personal trainer back in January when she was still pregnant with her fourth child. The first photo showed her with a pre-pregnancy figure while the second photo showed that she was almost ready to pop, with a funny expression.

Lively’s Instagram posts not only display her wit and humour but also highlight her gratitude for the support system that helps her maintain her fitness.

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