LawCanada sends travel advisory for LGBTQ+ individuals who wish to visit America 

Canada sends travel advisory for LGBTQ+ individuals who wish to visit America 

America is one of the most forward countries when it comes to the rights of the LGBTQ+ individuals. Unfortunately, most of the non-western countries do not recognise their rights and this would often lead to discrimination. However, conservative Americans are finding the Canadian government over exaggerating the situation. 

The Washington Post states, Global Affairs Canada, responsible for the country’s international relations, issues an advisory to Canadians. The issue states that some U.S. states are implementing measures affecting 2SLGBTQI+ individuals. 

Furthermore, the advisory emphasizes checking relevant state and local laws, acknowledging regional laws’ impact on LGBTQ travelers. While not specifying state laws, the department referenced recent U.S. legislation, including restrictions on drag shows and transgender healthcare access.

Canada sending travel advisory for LGBTQ+ individuals 


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In addition to this, conservatives are stating that the LGBTQ+ individuals are one of the safest groups in America. Furthermore, users feel that the woke western media are using scaremongering tactics towards their readers. Conservatives also feel that woke individuals do not care about facts at all. 

Others are asking questions on Canada’s label for the community. They state for being such a small minority, why do they need a lot of numbers and alphabets to identify themselves in one group. Over representation in terms of acronyms can lead to major confusion among those who are genuinely showing interest. 


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Following that, some are showing confusion towards the 2S acronym in the Canadian LGBTQ+ community. Some state that it is 2 spirits as in you can be two things at the same time. However, it is a peculiar way of thinking and it is unsure if that is even part of the gay community, but Canada is willing to call it as such. 


X users are mocking the Canadian government for acknowledging that there are only two genders. The debate on how many genders there are has been infuriating conservatives for the longest of time. 

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