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Celebrities who will never sign autographs

Autographs from celebrities have its own value. For one thing it feels amazing to have something from someone you admire that can last forever. Secondly it is profitable as well, for example if you opt to resell a signed copy of something.

But not all celebrities like or want to sign autographs. Some even have a policy of never signing one. Here are a few famous people who never do: (source Mental Floss magazine)

1.William Shatner

The Star Trek actor never signs an autograph. “If I’m out and about with family or waiting for a plane and if I do it for one person, an instant line of 50 forms,” he said. “So to save time the answer is no”.

  1. Bryan Cranston

The Breaking Bad actor said the influx of merchandise and requests to sign autographs post Breaking Bad just wore him out. “After 18 years of signing everything for fans, I’m retiring,” he said.

  1. Steve Martin
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The actor who has most recently been seen in Only Murders in the Building said that he discovered a clever way of avoiding signing his name without making people feel bad. He hands out business cards that read: “This certifies that you have had a personal encounter with me and you found me to be warm, polite, intelligent and funny.”

  1. Ringo Starr

The ex-Beatle drummer said in 2008 that he would never sign one because he is uncomfortable with people profiting from them. “All autographs are on stuff that I’ve done. One of my paintings or something that I’m involved with, and it goes to charity. It doesn’t just go out there for other people to sell.”

5.Billie Eilish

The singer said she stopped in 2019 after over eager fans made her uncomfortable. “It’s something that I don’t do because I used to, but I realized all anyone did was sell everything that I signed, so I stopped doing that,” she said.

6.Joaquin Phoenix

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The famous actor said he doesn’t mind autographs but is averse to photographs. Phoenix once said that a woman had once come up to him in a store and asked for a picture and his reply was, “You know what? I don’t do that, but thanks so much for coming up. We chatted a bit. It was fun. Then she went and bought her tube socks, and I bought my stupid little sweatpants, and that was it.”

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