LifeConservative may leave CALIFORNIA for them potentially PENALIZING parents who REFUSE to...

Conservative may leave CALIFORNIA for them potentially PENALIZING parents who REFUSE to TRANSITION their KIDS 

California is a state where the wokeness is at its fullest point. Unfortunately, the streets are still full of homeless people and crime is not going anywhere. Furthermore, it seems that conservative parents may flee the state of California due to their new array of peculiar child policies. One of them is to enforce transitioning children, the other is to allow more leeway towards child traffickers by not giving them stricter sentencing. 

Fox News states, an amendment to a California state bill is introducing a significant change regarding parental responsibility in custody battles. The amendment, known as AB 957, requires parents in custody cases to affirm the gender identity of their children. 

Initially, the bill proposes that courts should consider the level of gender affirmation by each parent. However, the amendment elevates this requirement to a standard of parental responsibility for child welfare. According to the amendment, parents must now demonstrate affirmative behavior towards their child’s gender identity.

Twitter conservatives in shock for California’s radical woke-ism approach

Users are showing their confusion towards the matter. Furthermore, conservatives are stating that what the woke left is doing to children is practically evil. The topic of transitioning children has potentially made homophobia in the country rise. In addition to this, potential policies like these may fuel the doubling of anti-LGBTQ protests since 2021. 

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In addition to this, many others are stating that those living in California should stay and fight these policies. This is due to how these states are typically the first to have these rules, only for them to roll out to other states in the country. Conservatives are stating that those living in the state should not cower away. 


Others who claim to have been to Los Angeles recently are stating that the city is in an awful condition. The user adds that the deterioration is spreading, even to Santa Monica beach. Furthermore, conservatives are using these as bullet points in implying that the woke strategy and ideology is nothing more than a failure. 

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Twitter users are stating their controversial opinions on gun control as well. They claim that the Democrats are taking away their guns in order to pass out laws as such. However, these claims are a little too extreme as the Democrats are potentially  only doing this as it is a trend that will win them votes. 

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