LawConservatives ACCUSING Hunter Biden of gaining from WHITE PRIVILEGE 

Conservatives ACCUSING Hunter Biden of gaining from WHITE PRIVILEGE 

Another controversial debate is sparking on Twitter where conservatives are fighting against liberals who support Joe Biden. It appears the lawyer for rapper Kodak Black is accusing Hunter Biden of gaining from White privilege after they both allegedly receive the same charge. The difference lies in between their sentencing. 

According to Trending Politics, Kodak Black, who had a three-year prison sentence for weapons charges in 2020, was later pardoned by former President Trump. Furthermore, other rappers like Lil Wayne, who also was serving time after pleading guilty to similar charges. 

The recent comparison between Kodak Black’s sentence and Hunter Biden’s deal is sparking controversy. Attorney Bradford Cohen highlights the stark contrast in a social media post, questioning the fairness of a justice system with “2 tiers.” 

While Kodak Black did a substantial prison term, Hunter Biden is not expecting to face any jail time under the terms of his agreement. The post is raising questions about potential biases and personal motivations within law enforcement and federal authorities.

Hunter Biden benefiting from White Privilege? 

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Republican supporters are storming Twitter stating that Hunter Biden is actually suffering from “Democrat privilege”. Democrat supporters are stating that Trump is also receiving Republican privilege as he is still free to roam around while having multiple charges against him. It is a massive debate between the left and the right. 

Furthermore, a number of Twitter users are stating that he is not receiving jail time due to his father being the President of the United States. Others state that this is one of the reasons why the Democrats are still in power. Conservatives are accusing the Democrats of interfering with the justice system in America. 

In addition to this, conservatives are accusing Joe Biden of ruining the lives of a number of Black families due to his policies back in the 80s and 90s. Furthermore, they are stating the irony that minority voters are still voting for Biden despite this whole debacle. Will the Democrats receive a drop in their ratings due to this? We will have to wait and see. 

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