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Recently, a United Airlines CEO states that they are focused on diversity,equity and inclusion. However, conservatives view this as something negative, citing that DEI tends to focus on someone’s racial background rather than their qualifications. However, liberals on the other hand believe that those chosen are just as qualified. 

The Daily Wire calls it the “DEI rot” in the airline industry. A United Airlines Boeing 777 narrowly avoided disaster after a miscommunication between pilots led to a dangerous situation during takeoff. The incident, kept quiet for over two months, was finally disclosed in February. 

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) revealed the captain’s call for flaps retraction at 5 degrees was misunderstood by the first officer, who set it at 15 degrees. This error, compounded by the first officer’s lack of experience in the Boeing 777, led to a near catastrophe. 

Questions arise about United’s pilot selection, diversity initiatives, and the alarming lack of transparency in the aviation industry.

Airline CEOs focusing on DEI policies 

Popular conservatives on X state that these airlines would definitely be accountable if an accident occurs due to their DEI program. There are videos of these airlines stating that one of their priorities is to be more inclusive. For the most part, passengers would rather feel safer with a better qualified individual regardless of their racial background. 


X users state that the airline industry is a serious one as lives are at risk. Furthermore, others state that those who benefit from this program would probably not prefer having pilots being hired simply for diversity. Conservatives feel that this issue is problematic. 

Following that, conservatives are saying that the CEO should step down and open up his position to someone “more diverse.” Regardless, there are several industries that may be a lot tougher to be inclusive due to their precise nature. 

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