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A business needs to operate with profitability, despite how big the corporation is. However, it seems that some Columbia Heights residents are siding with those who looted their local CVS store. This, of course, is enraging conservatives across America as they feel this will affect the local residents in a negative light. 

According to NBC Washington, the CVS in Columbia Heights, D.C., is set to close on Feb. 29 due to persistent shoplifting, leading to consistently empty shelves. While CVS did not explicitly state the reason for the closure, shoppers attribute it to rampant thefts, with instances of individuals grabbing items and running out unchecked. 

Furthermore, shoplifting has plagued the store for months, even with security systems in place. CVS’s decision to close aligns with its 2021 announcement of closing 300 stores by 2024, considering factors like local market dynamics and community needs. 

Although CVS plans to transfer prescriptions to a nearby location, the closure raises concerns among customers relying on the store for essential items. Retail theft remains a broader issue affecting businesses nationwide and within the D.C. area, prompting legislative responses.

Columbia Heights residents defending looters robbing CVS store angering conservatives 

Conservatives state that siding with looters robbing business is the peak level of those following the “woke” ideology. Furthermore, the store is closing its doors for local residents which would make it tough for them to get basic pharmaceutical needs. 


X users state that crime rates has increased drastically in D.C. They are shocked to see that local residents are apparently okay with this whole ordeal and speculate that crime will get worse this year. Others add that D.C. is “quite a scary place” at night leading to pharmacies and other chain stores closing their doors earlier than they should. 

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