LifeDespite diversity and affirmative action, is segregation getting worse in America? 

Despite diversity and affirmative action, is segregation getting worse in America? 

For the most part, the topic of race has always been a sensitive issue among Americans. There are a number of programs and incentives to help the relations among Americans improve. However, to conservatives, they feel as though segregation is getting worse despite these efforts. 

There are a number of discussions regarding this. An article from Time Magazine in 2021 states, an analysis of residential segregation conducted by the Othering & Belonging Institute at the University of California-Berkeley reveals a troubling trend. It shows that more than 80% of major metropolitan areas in the United States are experiencing rising levels of segregation in 2019 compared to 1990. 

Furthermore, this phenomenon is occurring despite the nation’s growing diversity, making it less visible but no less significant. Within these metropolitan areas, while they may not be entirely homogeneous in terms of race, various racial groups continue to inhabit these neighborhoods. Following that, this enduring segregation contributes to economic disparities, potentially acting as a catalyst for social unrest.

Is segregation really getting worse in America? 


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In addition to this, there are those that ponder about the segregation happening in the United States. However, there are some X users who state that it is a fairly common trait we have in human beings. Apparently, this user claims that humans tend to stick to the ones that look and are culturally similar to them. 


Unfortunately, there are some racist commenters stating that this is good. A user states that they would prefer a Whites only town, full of White employees. Of course, in today’s world this is not possible. We cannot judge the characters of an individual simply on the color of their skin. 

However, there are fair points made by some of these users. They state that Google and other major corporations are supporting Black businesses. Unfortunately, they seem to disregard businesses from Asians and Whites. Businesses should receive equal treatment despite its owner’s skin color. 

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Be that as it may, there are struggling White people that do not benefit from “White privilege”. However, there also are people struggling that belong to other racial groups. Life shouldn’t be so complicated to the point where Americans, despite the color of their skin, are at each other’s throats. 

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