Business & EconomyDisney having man in DRESS working in KIDS dress store 

Disney having man in DRESS working in KIDS dress store 

Typically, the majority of the woke crowd is accepting towards this movement. However, many conservatives are upset at Disney for employing a man in a dress to entertain kids at a children’s dress store. Furthermore, each dress costs around $250, which is a child version of the Disney princess dresses. 

However, this is a complex issue as there are people who are actually transgender and would feel more comfortable in dressing as their gender of desire. It appears that conservatives do not agree with the non-binary movement, if it’s not obvious by now. Despite this, major corporations are forcing this down on everyone whether they like it or not. 

According to Yahoo News, in 2022 when Disney was to reopen their Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique locations at resorts in Florida and California there were changes done to promote gender inclusivity among its workforce. For the first time, men will be joining the team responsible for assisting children in dressing up as their favorite Disney characters. 

Twitter conservatives raging over Disney having men wearing dresses helping little kids 


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Now, conservatives are using their economic power in order to make a stance. There are a plethora of comments stating that they will boycott these woke brands. To the brands that have taken a neutral stance, they are about to be more profitable than last quarter. Many believe that major corporations should stay neutral. 


Others are stating that this whole movement is wrong. Furthermore, there are those that state the woke left is forcing this ideology on children. A number of folks are uncomfortable with things like these being a normal sight. Many are also stating that sexual ideologies should not be taught to small children. 

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Following that, there are more Twitter users stating their intent to cancel their Disney+ subscription due to this. Conservatives are standing firm on the woke left from pushing their agenda to children. 

Regardless, there must be demand for this as if there is none, the company would definitely not hire the man. Regardless, during this pride month, it seems that there are more people who are openly transphobic or homophobic than ever. 

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