Business & EconomyFAT passenger claims AIRPLANES DISCRIMINATE against her size  

FAT passenger claims AIRPLANES DISCRIMINATE against her size  

Now that there is an increase of heavier set individuals, the problems of air travel come into play. One passenger claims that airplanes are discriminating against people her size as she struggles to walk through the first class section. Conservative Americans are not happy with her remarks as they claim she can easily lose her weight with proper diets and exercise.

In late 2022, Airline Weekly stated that the issue of seat size adequacy for the average passenger is not addressed by the FAA. Their focus has primarily been on whether seats hinder aircraft evacuations, which must be done within 90 seconds or less.

Paul Hudson, president of FlyersRights, an organization advocating for airline passengers, notes that the FAA’s stance is consistent. They define safety in narrow terms, considering only emergency evacuation and disregarding health and comfort concerns related to seat size. 

Although the FAA currently lacks specific standards for seat pitch (the distance between seats) and width.However it is in anticipation that these factors will be taken into account.

Twitter users react to the fat passenger claiming that airplanes are discriminating against her

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The video shows the passenger struggling to get off the aircraft, which is quite concerning. Following that, Twitter users state that she should actually try flying first class and maybe she will reduce her complaints. Another user proceeds to respond with snarky comments stating that she should reduce eating big macs. 


Other users are mad that they’d still have to pay $50 for their overweight bags, but she gets to fly for free. However, there are others that are saying she is right due to the inhumane treatment airlines are giving to passengers. The user questions on the profitability of these airlines. He also thinks that they are able to widen their aisles and seats while maintaining profitability. 

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Statements that depict flying in the past as luxury while today is a sharp contrast to that is another popular sentiment. Regardless, flying is a lot more affordable than it was back in the 1970s. Another person responds by saying that if we were to go back to those days, tickets would be double the price it is. Flying business or first class is a better alternative. 

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