LifeHiking paths now SEGREGATED in the name of PROGRESS to make POC...

Hiking paths now SEGREGATED in the name of PROGRESS to make POC “feel SAFER” 

It seems that the woke liberal agenda is only setting back people of color 50 years by insisting on segregated facilities. Furthermore, for the LGBTQ community, a civil war is happening amongst them and many are blaming woke individuals for it. Now, we are living in a time where segregation is back as it is “not safe” for the people of color to hike in Oregon. 

According to Oregon Live, a volunteer hike leader is familiar with each person’s name and their capacity to walk down a precarious cliffside route that offers views of Takelma Gorge. 

Furthermore, he comprehends how at ease they are when out in the wild. 

In addition to this, Wilson, a Black actor from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, works to make public lands more welcoming. He claims that there are individuals who worry more about confronting racism than animals.

Twitter users seeing this as SEGREGATION and a step back for civil rights 

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Libs of TikTok is calling this decision a form of segregation. Furthermore, there are those who apparently feel safer with a mountain lion than White people who are “racist”. Twitter users are stating that Black people are committing more crimes than their White counterparts. However, that is another topic of its own. 


Conservatives are stating that they are fearing Oregon’s decline if they are going through with policies like these. However, others are stating that most of the state are still conservative Republicans. It is only within Portland, where most of the liberal voices are coming from Oregon.

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Furthermore, users are throwing jabs at Black individuals. They are stating that the places where individuals are to feel “safer” will have the most robbery happening. It appears that others are agreeing with this sentiment. 

In addition to this, Twitter users are joking that true segregation will come back under the woke agenda. They joke that the water fountains are now to have different races using their own respective ones. Another user even states that soon buses may have a separation for races. 

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