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Liberals fuming that Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town” reaches #1 on iTunes chart 

Conservatives are claiming that liberals are ironic as they appear to be for the freedom of speech and actions, but at the same time, they are pro censorship. Recently, there is a song done by Jason Aldean, “Try That In A Small Town”. However, some claim that this song is problematic and it should not be popular. 

According to Vulture, following the recent release of Jason Aldean’s music video for “Try That in a Small Town,” CMT has taken down the video. This is after facing accusations of containing pro-lynching lyrics and imagery. 

Despite the backlash, the country singer is still defending the video on Twitter, dismissing the allegations as baseless and dangerous. Furthermore, Aldean emphasizes that the song’s lyrics do not reference race in any way and that all video clips were authentic news footage. However, critics are raising concerns as the video projected news footage on the Maury County courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee. It was the site of a historical lynching incident in the 1920s. 

Conservatives of all races supporting Jason Aldean and his song “Try That In A Small Town”


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Conservatives are applauding Jason Aldean for his achievement. Furthermore, Twitter users are stating that there is a massive problem that is currently on-going in American society. However, it seems that the politicians are not helping much with the situation. They claim that the rural area, suburbs and the city have major differences between them, especially regarding their crime rates.  

Following that, there are a few who are oblivious towards the whole controversy. However, a user explains to them in grave detail regarding the matter. The Twitter user states that liberals are opposing this whole idea as it is opposing the whole liberal ideology. Conservative believe that this song is an indicator that if the woke left tries to attack these small town folks, there will be a reckoning coming towards them. 


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In addition to this, there are liberals and conservatives fighting with each other in regards to this. The liberals are blaming the rednecks for this song to get popular. Furthermore, conservatives state that ordinary people are getting sick of the entitlement of Americans today. 

Regardless, in a perfect world, Americans should forgo their differences and unite together as a country. Social issues should not be the main definition of a first world country. 

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