LifeJudge Gregory Locke, FIRED after caught sharing explicit content on OnlyFans

Judge Gregory Locke, FIRED after caught sharing explicit content on OnlyFans

This is the most peculiar story thus far as a New York judge recently got fired from his position due to having an OnlyFans account. The general thinking is that judges should be getting high salaries as it is a high position. However, in this economy, it appears that even they are in need of a side-gig. 

According to Sportskeeda, the administrative law judge named Gregory Locke was fired from his position for having an OnlyFans account as a side business. Locke charged $12 a month on OnlyFans and has posted over 100 pictures and videos since he created the account in November 2020. 

Additionally, he has a JustFor.Fans account where he charges $9.99 a month. His OnlyFans profile states that he is a professional during the day, but “unprofessional” at night and is always amateur, raw, and “sl*tty”. 

The internet is going crazy over the OnlyFans judge 

The Daily Loud posted the incident on Twitter, garnering over 13 million views. Many are criticising the judge’s judgement for having such a lewd side-gig. However, this Twitter user in a way is supporting the judge in his decision. The user claims that he is not harming anyone while being on the platform. 

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Some are questioning whether the six-figure salary is not enough for him. Regardless, there are those that claim this can potentially be a hobby for him. Furthermore, certain activities that are hobbies should be left in private, according to another Twitter user. 

Others are saying that the economy is really in a bad shape. Judges that are paid a high yearly income are resorting themselves to peculiar side hobbies. Another user claims that he can potentially be living above his means and thus his possible need for more income. A number of other users state that he does not need the extra money. 

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Twitter users are joking that in a few years it might even be compulsory for everyone to have an OnlyFans account. This is due to the number of professional people also having this as another job. Furthermore, the amount of people supporting this decision is quite high. 

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