EntertainmentCelebrityJustin Bieber’s surprise performance ruined by crowd mocking his wife 

Justin Bieber’s surprise performance ruined by crowd mocking his wife 

The whole Hailey Bieber saga is still not at an end. Recently, Justin Bieber made a surprise performance. To the shock of many, the crowd is not accepting towards the singer. This is mainly due to his wife’s feud with Selena Gomez. 

According to the Insider, the whole incident was during the Rolling Loud last weekend. Some attendees were heard shouting derogatory remarks about his wife, Hailey Bieber. On Saturday, some members of the crowd chanted, “Fuck Hailey!”

An overwhelming amount of people are openly supporting Selena Gomez. This is primarily due to her dating Justin Bieber back in the early 2010s. However, Hailey ends up marrying Justin. This is a problem that Hailey is facing for years now, where fans openly comment about her marriage. 

Public opinions about Justin Bieber’s performance ruined 


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Netizens are voicing out their opinions about bullying. They claim that what these fans are doing is bullying. Humans make mistakes, and Hailey Bieber is human, the netizen implies. Furthermore, she claims that Selena will definitely not approve of this behaviour. 

Others are blaming “Selenators” which is a short form word for Selena Gomez fans. The person states that Hailey did not do anything severe to deserve such hate. Due to the fact that she posts a photo on social media that is coincidental, she is now suffering from the heat. 

However, another fan states that there must be either little to no Selena fans at the concert. This is because the concert is not catering to them. However, the person defending Hailey states that Selenators are manipulative on TikTok which leads others to believe that Bieber’s wife is wrong. 

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A heated conflict is erupting on Twitter as both Selenators and Hailey Bieber fans engage in a bitter fight. While some imply that Selena is envious of Hailey for marrying Justin, others are making accusations that Hailey is the one who is stirring up the drama by repeatedly discussing it on various podcasts. The tension between the two fandoms is palpable as they continue to engage in arguments.


More rational people are saying that this is ridiculous and that these kinds of drama should remain on social media. Justin Bieber making a surprise appearance should not entitle him having his wife getting hate. Nevertheless, it must be such an awkward moment for him. 

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