EntertainmentCelebrityIs Kenneth Ma a mama’s boy?

Is Kenneth Ma a mama’s boy?

The 48 year old Ma also spoke about his past regrets in terms of shows he had done but did not name the show

Hong Kong superstar Kenneth Ma spoke to talk show host Sharon Chan recently and the introverted artist confessed that there were only three female artistes that he counts as good friends.

These include Chan herself, Natalie Tong and Halina Tam. Tong was his co-star in the Big White Duel series.

Ma has known Chan for 20 years having been friends since they acted in 2004 drama series Dream of Colors. Chan describes him as a frugal person who is however generous with friends. He also has a reputation for being a mama’s boy as his salary is deposited directly into a bank account he shares with her. He also brings her up frequently in his conversations.

Chan even brought up an incident where she had commented about an ugly turtle shaped pouch he had been carrying around only to be told by Ma that it was a gift from his mum which she said was very filial of him considering it looked pretty hideous.

The 48 year old Ma also spoke about his past regrets in terms of shows he had done. He spoke of one show in particular but refused to name the series for fear of offending the producers.

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“There were almost zero outdoor scenes in even the opening episode, everything was shot in studio… imagine how little budget we had to work with.” Ma said they would have been better off sleeping at home rather than filming that drama, hinting that the title of the show had four Chinese characters and the actors wore many layers of clothes.

He also mentioned some of the dramas which he really enjoyed filming, including A Fistful of Stances, The Hippocratic Crush and The Exorcist’s Meter as well as the Big White Duel series.

The Big White Duel is a medical drama which revolves around a team of doctors at the fictional Marshall Paxton hospital. It also stars Roger Kwok, Ali Lee and Kelly Cheung.

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