InternationalUSCertified Physicians allegedly SUPPLYING KIDS with PUBERTY BLOCKERS and hormones ILLEGALLY

Certified Physicians allegedly SUPPLYING KIDS with PUBERTY BLOCKERS and hormones ILLEGALLY

It appears that the fight to change the genders of children who are not even old enough to drink beer is still on. Conservatives are unhappy with physicians supplying puberty blockers and hormones towards underaged children. There are arguments from both ends, the liberals say that this is a life saving treatment, conservatives state that young children are in a state of confusion. 

According to a study done by Andrew Latham in 2022, the use of puberty blockers raises concerns due to well-documented and significant side effects, as well as uncertainty surrounding their long-term effects. These blockers do not contribute to improved mental health.

Furthermore, when done without medical intervention, most individuals experiencing dysphoria during puberty naturally desist over time. However, it is alarming that over 90% of those given puberty blockers eventually proceed to cross-sex hormones and potentially irreversible surgeries.  

The researcher concludes that children are incapable of providing consent for the use of puberty blockers. This is mainly due to them not knowing the life long implications that involve when transitioning. 

Puberty Blockers 

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Libs of TikTok uploaded the video to an uproar of conservatives being concerned towards the safety of children. The individual who is the pediatrician uploads said video on TikTok, where a subsequent part of the audience are generally children. Users state that the doctor needs their license taken as they should not do this in such a manner. 

Conservatives are showing their disgust towards the situation. Many are blaming the Biden administration for encouraging this. There are a plethora of reasons for conservatives to get angry at the whole situation, according to them, the bathroom issue is just one out of the many. Republicans add that they won’t stop until this is over. 

Users state that trafficking a child across state borders in order to avoid state laws is illegal. Another user adds that it is also illegal to traffic women and girls across state lines for sexual activities. If it is done, the person who initiates will get a criminal charge.

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