LifeWoke kindergarten teacher claims “Childhood Innocence” do not exist and toddlers should...

Woke kindergarten teacher claims “Childhood Innocence” do not exist and toddlers should have explicit discussions 

Woke individuals are seen as one of the most peculiar individuals. Recently, a kindergarten teacher is under fire for making controversial and bizarre statements. He claims that childhood innocence does not exist. Furthermore, he claims that toddlers should discuss more about their sexualities. 

The Daily Mail states, William ‘Willy’ Villalpando, dismisses the concept of innocence as a mythology. Villalpando, who was serving as a pre-kindergarten teacher in Rialto from 2016 to 2021, has his current employment at Santa Ana College. However, it’s uncertain whether he still has any associations with the school district. 

In a 2020 Instagram post, he challenges the notion that children live in an entirely innocent world. He then argues against shielding them from real-world topics and issues, stating that such efforts ignore their actual experiences.

Woke kindergarten teacher under fire for “pedo” thinking 

X users are stating how they find this repulsive. Furthermore, they claim that individuals like that should, by law, stay away from children. However, in our current woke society, it seems to be alright for educators to be thinking in such a manner. This is especially concerning that he was still a kindergarten teacher when he was making posts about it. 

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In addition to this, users are talking about how groomers like these are around children all the time. Following that, users are also stating that he is what everyone expects for a groomer to look like. There are several other face shaming comments when it comes to the kindergarten teacher. 

There are several homophobic comments that are made by conservatives. However, there are those claiming that the Democrats are pedophiles. Regardless of one’s political alignment, it is still not fair to decide on whether the Democrats are pedophiles or not. Currently, there is no proof that they are as what online users are claiming them to be. 

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